STEVE CARTER: vocals, guitar, mandolin, banjo
MARY HEUBEL: harmony vocals
MEGAN BASSETT: harmony vocals
SCOTTY PEREY: keyboard
LARRY COXE: clarinet, harmonica, harmony vocals
ROB TOBIAS: harmonica

LYRICS and links

Cape Arago where the winter winds blow up the coast from Tillamook
The otter once swam in the Orygun land,
I read it in a book, I read it in a book

I read it in a book I say for they do not swim today
They were killed at the hands of a greedy white man

Who took the land and sea away, who took the land and sea away

Who took the land and sea away from the otter and the grizzly bear
From the native salmon and the native clan

Struggle to survive today, struggle to survive today

Who struggle to survive today in this ravaged land and sea
They were ravaged at the hand of the civilized savage

And his cruel machinery, his cruel machinery

His cruel machinery robs this land, robbing the life of the sea
Gil nets and dams and clearcut lands

Leave a lifeless sea, leave a lifeless sea

A lifeless sea our fate will be if we fail to turn the tide
For the fate of the sea and the fate of the land

The shores forever entwine, the shore forever entwine

The shores entwines land and sea ending where the other begins
Pray not the dams and their turbine fans end the coho salmon swim

End the coho salmon swim

May the salmon forever swim I say may the otter swim again
In the coves and the bays where the harbor seals play

In the sea by the Orygun, in the sea by the Orygun

Arago, Arago

There's a yearing to give love and hope that love's returned
A yearning that can't overcome the lessons that we learned
The lessons that we learn in a life of joy and pain
Where something must be lost if something's to be gained

(chorus) I went down to the deep blue sea and this is what it said to me
The river runs wide and the river runs deep but nothing runs deeper than love
Ahh....runnin' free my love won't you let your love run free

So you take my hand and hold it to your breast
Yes then and only then my love can my body rest
Can my body rest my love before you turn away from me
Cause my tears to salt the river that carries you from me

In this life we know, ah there's no guarantee
You must take a chance and go to the places that your heart leads
To the places your heart leads that's where you'll find your dreams
And where you fill your soul and set your spirit free

(double chorus)

(chorus) One beautiful people like a calico cat, we are many colors red, white, yellow, brown and black
One calico family, we all belong We go together like a singer and a song

Like a flower let your color show, let's all bloom together now, our colors calico
It takes all kinds of colors to make this world go round

No matter how you're different, you know you should be proud
Nobody chooses the color of their skin, take a look at her my friend, take a look at him
It could be anybody's skin you could be in

Every color makes this calico world turn and spin

It's a long life of trouble, it's a long life of pain
Precious little sunshine and way too much rain
Don't give me no trouble, I've got trouble on my brain
And you know I've got trouble on my mind

(chorus) On my mind (On my mind), don't you know I got trouble on my mind
So don't you be bugging me, I can sting like a bumblebee
And you know I've got trouble on my mind

Yes I've been in trouble since the day that I was born
I've got more trouble than Kansas has got corn
I'm the rain that falls, when the clothes are on the line
And you know I've got trouble on my mind

I've got more trouble than Tennessee's got hills
I've got more trouble than Ol' Carter's got liver pills
I'm the rock in your shoe and the needle in your behind
And you know I've got trouble on my mind
(double chorus)

(chorus) Tomorrow I'm gonna shine, sparkle like golden wine
I paid my dues and done my time
So come on tomorrow, shine on tomorrow
Come on tomorrow, shine on tomorrow
Come on tomorrow, shine on tomorrow I'm gonna shine

You know I feel like life passed me by, before I had the time to ask why
I turned around, you were waving goodbye
Tonight, I know I'm gonna cry but tomorrow's sun gonna dry my eyes
Tomorrow's sun gonna dry my eyes
Once we walked in the warm summer rain You ran from me when I called your name
Hide and seek is a game we play, now you're gone, and I'm gonna cry
Now you're gone, and I'm in the dark Oh I can't even find my heart
Yeah I can't even find my heart

Oh you know that a diamond, was once a lump of coal
The greatest poem ever written, began on an empty page
I know it looks like I seen better days but it's better days that I'm going to
Come along with me, I love to share them with you
Oh I'll go alone but I'd rather share them with you (chorus)

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