Digital Audio and Video Recording Services

Video Production including the Documentaries:
"Traveling Southeast Alaska and the Inside Passage"
"The White Pass and Yukon Railway, Skagway and the Goldrush"
"Walks with Ron,  An Ever Unfolding Mystery Story" 



Music Production including these CD releases
CD Releases

Rob Tobias and The Northwest Express (2011)
Rob Tobias and Friends: By The River (2006);  World in the World (2003);  Sparks (2000);  Bagel Roots & Water Dogs (1998)     
Rob Tobia: Constant Rain (1994 CD/Cassette release)
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Digital Audio Recording
Public Service Announcements      Music Demos               Voice-Overs         Video Sweetening       Music composition
Digi002 Hard Driver Recording      Vinyl to CD transfers     Field recordings

Artists recording at Maximo Productions Studio
Theo Czuk
Shiloh Circle
Jerry Zybach
Royce Jones
Ben Bochner
Craig Chee

Michael Cochram
The Folk Messengers
Emily Fox
Rich Glauber
Yitzhak Husbands-Hankin
Jim Irwin
Tom Lang
Natty O and T-Bone Stone
Northwest Playaz
Michael Rechel
Ritual Ensemble
Robert Rubinstein (storyteller)
Rabbi Hanan Sills
Paul Safar & Nancy Wood
Sharon Rogers & Chip Cohen
Zanga Zanga

Video Production
LIFE STORY VIDEO offers a chance to document life experiences as legacy for the generations to come. Interviews, photo transfer, ect... 

Traveling Southeast Alaska and the Inside Passage
The White Pass and Yukon Railway, Skagway and the Gold Rush

Promotional Videos
Novax Guitars

Sing Peace, Earth Pilgrimage for Peace and Global Harmony
Barbizon Graduation

Bring Recycling
Courageous Kids
Dance For a Reason
Geni Morrow, The Reach Center
Eugene Playback Theatre
Fiesta Cultural
George Harrison Tribute
Hannah Fox (Personal Theatre)
Let's Move Fitness, Denise Morrow
Mobility International USA
Opening The Way
Oregon Woods
University of Oregon Dance Department
Soromundi Chorus
The Sugar Beets
Young Writers Association

Special Events (i.e. Plays, Concerts, Conferences, Weddings)
Slides and Prints transferred to Video
Original Music Composition
Music Videos
Creative Scripting and Editing using Final Cut Pro.

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